PT 12 – “Oor Monsters 4”

Poster for Oor Monsters 4 exhibition

Phil’s 12th poster – “Oor Monsters iv” – Gabrielle Reith & Philip Thompson’s upcoming art show

(Phil): NEOS (North East Open Studios) is soon upon us! Gabi & I had decided to do another “Oor Monsters” show – in the Skene Woods! There will be drawing, painting, sculpture & interactive elements to this playful exhibition of our favourite area of creativity when collaborating. We’ll also be running some workshops, space is limited, so, please let us know if you are coming. Visit : for more details.

We’ve had previous work from “Oor Monsters” exhibitions shown in the Pictoplasma Paris Conference & Berlin / Mexico City – so we’re pretty confident our work is good! Please come along to experience it yourself & let us know what you think.

Typefaces : Intro Rust G Base (+ customised)

PDF version (366kbs) : 12_oorMonsters.pdf


PT 04 “Prep”

Poster #4 from Phil Thompson

Phil’s 4th poster – “Prep” – Getting ready for NEOS 2015

(Phil): My Wife (Gabi) and I are creating an installation in the forest at Easter Skene for NEOS 2015. Based on our previous collaborative umbrella of “Oor Monsters” – We’re going to create installations in the Forest for visitors to tour round & discover. I’m working on some promo material, so one of the posters will end up here!

Typefaces : Rex

PDF version (1mb) : 04_prep.pdf