PT11 – “Kellands”


Phil’s 11th poster – “Kellands” – Vaughan started nursery at Kellands

(Phil): Monday 24th August, Vaughan had his first day at Kellands Nursery. The lovely Ms Andrews greeted him at the door, as she did with Poppy nearly 5 years ago. She remembered Vaughan’s first visit to the School as a week old baby, visiting his sister’s class. Lovely. This poster shows none of that. I always walked past “temporary” storage units & loved the textures, colours & welded typography. This utilises that & my representation of “variables”… the things we encounter on a daily basis, be it “will we be on time today?” to “what did I learn today” etc.

Typefaces : Myriad Pro (customised)

PDF version (289kbs) : 11_kellands.pdf