PT 07 – “Moon Girl”

PT 07 - Moon Girl

Phil’s 7th poster – “Moon Girl” – Poppy at the Seven Stories, dressing up.

(Phil): We went to Newcastle to see the lovely Simon Smerdon (Slowraiders) getting married to Stefanie, but as always, when in Newcastle, we always love to visit the Seven Stories (kids’ book museum / exhibition space / shop / amazing place). They always have fantastic displays, exhibitions & interactive stuff for kids of all ages to play with, Poppy was really taken with the Astronaut suit in the Michael Foreman exhibition “Painting with Rainbows” – the photos I took HAD to be used as a poster, so simple & perfect.

If you are ever in Newcastle & love illustration / kids books – PLEASE visit the place, it’s fantastic. There’s also the Ouseburn Farm just round the corner & the Ouseburn Coffee Company which does an AMAZING espresso.

Typefaces : Intro Head & Handwritten Pen & Ink

PDF version (247kbs) : 07_7stories.pdf