(Phil): YES! It’s the October holidays!…. this can only mean one thing…. SKYE HERE WE COME! We LOVE our yearly holiday in Skye. We’re so lucky to be able to spend time in this magical island on the west coast of Scotland. We stay in Ord, in the south of the island (Sleat), right next to the sea loch, Eishort… it’s perfect. If you’ve never been to Skye, you need to go, you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with the place.

Typefaces : Hand Painted + District Pro Thin

PDF version (1.5mb) : 17_skye.pdf

PT14 – Autumn

pt_14 AutumnPhil’s 14th poster – “Autumn” – foragefungusmungous

(Phil): During Oor Monsters in the Skene Woods, We went foraging to find out usual spots of Chanterelles pretty much devoid of any decent finds… but, on the way, we found about a kilo of Boletus edulis! (Cep, Porcini or Penny Bun Bolete). What a haul! We did also find some amazing Birch Boletes, Amethyst Deceiver (Laccaria amethystina). Check you patches! (although it’s getting a little late now, as the flys have been oot n aboot!)

Typefaces : Found Calligraphic image (+ customised) + StartEnd

PDF version (536kbs) : 14_autumn.pdf