PT 16 – Wall Ride


(Phil): I’ve been busy, so have let slide the posters for a few weeks. I am trying to “catch up”… so some posters will be super simple / quick (!)

I learned how to wall ride at transition extreme at the end of September… it’s only taken me 30+ years! Here’s a still from the video Andy took of me doing one that turned into an odd power slide half way up the wall too!

Typefaces : Hand made “wall ride”

PDF version (89kbs) : 16_wallride.pdf


PT 15 – Small Stories

pt_15 - Small Stories(Phil): We’ve (Gabi & I) finally produced a catalogue for Small Stories! Gabi has sent out a few copies to new galleries around the UK in the last week & have had some orders coming in already! It’s been an interesting learning curve, “stepping up” production & reach for new stockists… I created a new website to support the catalogue too, so if you want to check it out, it’s

If you know of any potential stockists, please get in touch & you can get some free Small Stories goodies if your lead becomes a reality for us!

Typefaces : Georgia 

PDF version (184kbs) : 15_smallStories.pdf

PT 08 – “Random Pattern Workshop”

PT 08 "random pattern workshop"

Phil’s 8th poster – “Random Pattern Workshop” – Making patterns from dice throws at the Maritime Museum.

(Phil): I was asked by the lovely Anna Shortland to run a Teen / Family workshop at the Aberdeen Maritime Museum for their summer events programme. She & I loved the outcome of the “Colourclash” pattern workshop I ran, so decided to run it for Teenagers & Families. It’s a simple premise, of letting a dice throw call the shots in order to make a pattern “cell” & use the computer to create a repeat pattern from it.  The delight in the faces of the participants is ace, from bemusement to joy when seeing a simple set of shapes & colours become a vibrant repeat pattern. The kids were super chuffed with the results. I’ve used the “offcuts” here to create the base image.

Typefaces : Myriad Pro

PDF version (125kbs) : 08_maritime.pdf

PT 05 – “Aquatics”

PT 05 "Aquatics"

Phil’s 5th poster – “Aquatics” – First visit to the Aberdeen Aquatics Centre

(Phil): We’re on “Summer Holidays” and we need to keep the kids entertained… We (Poppy & I) love it when pools put on their “inflatable obstacle courses“, The Aberdeen Aquatics Centre have theirs on over the summer… It was fantastic. But, most impressively of all, is the building itself. So, I was inspired to make a poster celebrating the building & facilities.

Typefaces : Duke & Vista

PDF version (238kbs) : 05_aquatic.pdf