PT 16 – Wall Ride


(Phil): I’ve been busy, so have let slide the posters for a few weeks. I am trying to “catch up”… so some posters will be super simple / quick (!)

I learned how to wall ride at transition extreme at the end of September… it’s only taken me 30+ years! Here’s a still from the video Andy took of me doing one that turned into an odd power slide half way up the wall too!

Typefaces : Hand made “wall ride”

PDF version (89kbs) : 16_wallride.pdf

PT 15 – Small Stories

pt_15 - Small Stories(Phil): We’ve (Gabi & I) finally produced a catalogue for Small Stories! Gabi has sent out a few copies to new galleries around the UK in the last week & have had some orders coming in already! It’s been an interesting learning curve, “stepping up” production & reach for new stockists… I created a new website to support the catalogue too, so if you want to check it out, it’s

If you know of any potential stockists, please get in touch & you can get some free Small Stories goodies if your lead becomes a reality for us!

Typefaces : Georgia 

PDF version (184kbs) : 15_smallStories.pdf

PT14 – Autumn

pt_14 AutumnPhil’s 14th poster – “Autumn” – foragefungusmungous

(Phil): During Oor Monsters in the Skene Woods, We went foraging to find out usual spots of Chanterelles pretty much devoid of any decent finds… but, on the way, we found about a kilo of Boletus edulis! (Cep, Porcini or Penny Bun Bolete). What a haul! We did also find some amazing Birch Boletes, Amethyst Deceiver (Laccaria amethystina). Check you patches! (although it’s getting a little late now, as the flys have been oot n aboot!)

Typefaces : Found Calligraphic image (+ customised) + StartEnd

PDF version (536kbs) : 14_autumn.pdf

PT13 – Oor Monsters 4 – b

PT poster 13 - Oor monsters 4 b

Phil’s 13th poster – “Oor Monsters iv b” – Gabrielle Reith & Philip Thompson’s upcoming art show

(Phil): Gabi’s been hard at work all week making a “monster wall” -So I thought I’d take the opportunity to use it to make another Oor Monsters Poster. Visit : for more details.

Typefaces : Intro Rust G Base (+ customised)

PDF version (519kbs) : 13_oorMonsters2.pdf

PT 12 – “Oor Monsters 4”

Poster for Oor Monsters 4 exhibition

Phil’s 12th poster – “Oor Monsters iv” – Gabrielle Reith & Philip Thompson’s upcoming art show

(Phil): NEOS (North East Open Studios) is soon upon us! Gabi & I had decided to do another “Oor Monsters” show – in the Skene Woods! There will be drawing, painting, sculpture & interactive elements to this playful exhibition of our favourite area of creativity when collaborating. We’ll also be running some workshops, space is limited, so, please let us know if you are coming. Visit : for more details.

We’ve had previous work from “Oor Monsters” exhibitions shown in the Pictoplasma Paris Conference & Berlin / Mexico City – so we’re pretty confident our work is good! Please come along to experience it yourself & let us know what you think.

Typefaces : Intro Rust G Base (+ customised)

PDF version (366kbs) : 12_oorMonsters.pdf

PT11 – “Kellands”


Phil’s 11th poster – “Kellands” – Vaughan started nursery at Kellands

(Phil): Monday 24th August, Vaughan had his first day at Kellands Nursery. The lovely Ms Andrews greeted him at the door, as she did with Poppy nearly 5 years ago. She remembered Vaughan’s first visit to the School as a week old baby, visiting his sister’s class. Lovely. This poster shows none of that. I always walked past “temporary” storage units & loved the textures, colours & welded typography. This utilises that & my representation of “variables”… the things we encounter on a daily basis, be it “will we be on time today?” to “what did I learn today” etc.

Typefaces : Myriad Pro (customised)

PDF version (289kbs) : 11_kellands.pdf

PT 10 – “River Trip”

PT 10 - Rive Trip - Death on the Dee

Phil’s 10th poster – “River Trip” – First trip down the Dee this year

(Phil): Monday, the last day of the Summer Holidays, warm enough to take a river trip in the inflatable dinghy down the River Dee. Always mellow, always fun, always fantastic. The water was high, with lots of fishermen to avoid. The end of the journey was marked by a dead sheep, a metaphor for a lot of things.

Typefaces : Rothenburg-Decorative

PDF version (714kbs) : 10_riverTrip.pdf