PT 09 – “Dune Master”


Phil’s 9th poster – “Dune Master” – Sledging on the East Beach in Lossiemouth.

(Phil): We took a trip to Lossie to visit Supergran & go to the beach (the kids love it, rightly so!) We took our boogie boards / sledges as the dunes are rad. We had a lot of fun & Gabi got the furthest, making her the “dune master”. Ace Fun.

Typefaces : Wide Latin & Dock 11

PDF version (253kbs) : 09_duneMaster.pdf


PT 03 14 years

pt_03 14 years


Phil’s 3rd poster – “14 Years” – Our 14th Wedding Anniversary.

(Phil): Again, I see my “busy-ness” getting in the way of my time. Anyway, I’ve had to make a retrospective poster (not on the actual date of the poster! shock!) It’s a “quicky” – not many elements & quite a “traditional” approach.

I’m lucky enough to be married to the lovely Gabrielle Reith (Small Stories). I can’t believe how time has flown since that day in Candacraig Gardens (Strathdon)… This is a bittersweet entry, the photo used, was taken by the lovely Asse-Randi, who sadly died of cancer this week. Our thoughts go out to her family & Knut, her husband.

Typefaces : Doc11

PDF version (1mb) : 03_anniversary.pdf

PT 02 “The Great Inverurie Bike Ride”

The Great Inverurie Bike Ride

Phil’s 2nd poster – “The Great Inverurie Bike Ride” 13 miles in torrential rain & miserable temperatures..

(Phil): Been a busy week, so only managed to get round to splotting out a poster for last week’s “fun cycle”. 13 miles of torrential rain in a miserable 9 degrees Centigrade “summer” day in Inverurie. I have never seethed or clenched my teeth like that in all my life. Poor Vaughan was in the “caboose” and decided to start shrieking (blue lips, drenched) at exactly 1/2 way round the course. I had to cycle on ahead of Poppy (8) & Gabi to try to get him back to the car as soon as I could. Poppy was hating every inch of the 13 miles, but Gabi said she really pulled it out the bag in the last 4 miles “to get back to the warm car”.

The Funny thing is, when we got home & had a bath, it was the best feeling ever, we laughed about it… you couldn’t ask for better… well, perhaps.

Typefaces :Heavyweight

PDF version (1mb) : 02_wetBike.pdf

What is “Poster Challenge” ?

I (Phil Thompson) have always loved to set myself a challenge on-line. I have used a blog as a documentation of several creative outlets, some more successful than others! I’ve previously created

With a hiatus on creating a yearly project, I have decided to try something close to my heart, DESIGN. I want to set myself a challenge of creating a poster for a weekly / monthly event I experience. I have also asked the lovely Alex Simpkin to join me in this project. It will be interesting to see how we approach this…