PT 09 – “Dune Master”


Phil’s 9th poster – “Dune Master” – Sledging on the East Beach in Lossiemouth.

(Phil): We took a trip to Lossie to visit Supergran & go to the beach (the kids love it, rightly so!) We took our boogie boards / sledges as the dunes are rad. We had a lot of fun & Gabi got the furthest, making her the “dune master”. Ace Fun.

Typefaces : Wide Latin & Dock 11

PDF version (253kbs) : 09_duneMaster.pdf

PT 08 – “Random Pattern Workshop”

PT 08 "random pattern workshop"

Phil’s 8th poster – “Random Pattern Workshop” – Making patterns from dice throws at the Maritime Museum.

(Phil): I was asked by the lovely Anna Shortland to run a Teen / Family workshop at the Aberdeen Maritime Museum for their summer events programme. She & I loved the outcome of the “Colourclash” pattern workshop I ran, so decided to run it for Teenagers & Families. It’s a simple premise, of letting a dice throw call the shots in order to make a pattern “cell” & use the computer to create a repeat pattern from it.  The delight in the faces of the participants is ace, from bemusement to joy when seeing a simple set of shapes & colours become a vibrant repeat pattern. The kids were super chuffed with the results. I’ve used the “offcuts” here to create the base image.

Typefaces : Myriad Pro

PDF version (125kbs) : 08_maritime.pdf

PT 07 – “Moon Girl”

PT 07 - Moon Girl

Phil’s 7th poster – “Moon Girl” – Poppy at the Seven Stories, dressing up.

(Phil): We went to Newcastle to see the lovely Simon Smerdon (Slowraiders) getting married to Stefanie, but as always, when in Newcastle, we always love to visit the Seven Stories (kids’ book museum / exhibition space / shop / amazing place). They always have fantastic displays, exhibitions & interactive stuff for kids of all ages to play with, Poppy was really taken with the Astronaut suit in the Michael Foreman exhibition “Painting with Rainbows” – the photos I took HAD to be used as a poster, so simple & perfect.

If you are ever in Newcastle & love illustration / kids books – PLEASE visit the place, it’s fantastic. There’s also the Ouseburn Farm just round the corner & the Ouseburn Coffee Company which does an AMAZING espresso.

Typefaces : Intro Head & Handwritten Pen & Ink

PDF version (247kbs) : 07_7stories.pdf

PT 06 – “Dirty D”

PT 06 - Dirty D

Phil’s 6th poster – “Dirty D” – Tuesday Night Skates in the Denburn Carpark

(Phil): Since starting skating again, the Tuesday Night Session with George Crooke, Andrew Robertson & Chris Zee is a highlight of the week. I used to grumble at having to skate in the Dirty D, always a last resort.. but, now it’s fun. New (old) eyes, friends that encourage & support each other… it’s a blast. George took his go-pro & filmed some antics. I was pleased to get several fakie to boardlslide to fakies on the kerbs.

Typefaces : Impact Label

PDF version (238kbs) : 06_skate.pdf

PT 05 – “Aquatics”

PT 05 "Aquatics"

Phil’s 5th poster – “Aquatics” – First visit to the Aberdeen Aquatics Centre

(Phil): We’re on “Summer Holidays” and we need to keep the kids entertained… We (Poppy & I) love it when pools put on their “inflatable obstacle courses“, The Aberdeen Aquatics Centre have theirs on over the summer… It was fantastic. But, most impressively of all, is the building itself. So, I was inspired to make a poster celebrating the building & facilities.

Typefaces : Duke & Vista

PDF version (238kbs) : 05_aquatic.pdf

PT 04 “Prep”

Poster #4 from Phil Thompson

Phil’s 4th poster – “Prep” – Getting ready for NEOS 2015

(Phil): My Wife (Gabi) and I are creating an installation in the forest at Easter Skene for NEOS 2015. Based on our previous collaborative umbrella of “Oor Monsters” – We’re going to create installations in the Forest for visitors to tour round & discover. I’m working on some promo material, so one of the posters will end up here!

Typefaces : Rex

PDF version (1mb) : 04_prep.pdf

PT 03 14 years

pt_03 14 years


Phil’s 3rd poster – “14 Years” – Our 14th Wedding Anniversary.

(Phil): Again, I see my “busy-ness” getting in the way of my time. Anyway, I’ve had to make a retrospective poster (not on the actual date of the poster! shock!) It’s a “quicky” – not many elements & quite a “traditional” approach.

I’m lucky enough to be married to the lovely Gabrielle Reith (Small Stories). I can’t believe how time has flown since that day in Candacraig Gardens (Strathdon)… This is a bittersweet entry, the photo used, was taken by the lovely Asse-Randi, who sadly died of cancer this week. Our thoughts go out to her family & Knut, her husband.

Typefaces : Doc11

PDF version (1mb) : 03_anniversary.pdf