PT 03 14 years

pt_03 14 years


Phil’s 3rd poster – “14 Years” – Our 14th Wedding Anniversary.

(Phil): Again, I see my “busy-ness” getting in the way of my time. Anyway, I’ve had to make a retrospective poster (not on the actual date of the poster! shock!) It’s a “quicky” – not many elements & quite a “traditional” approach.

I’m lucky enough to be married to the lovely Gabrielle Reith (Small Stories). I can’t believe how time has flown since that day in Candacraig Gardens (Strathdon)… This is a bittersweet entry, the photo used, was taken by the lovely Asse-Randi, who sadly died of cancer this week. Our thoughts go out to her family & Knut, her husband.

Typefaces : Doc11

PDF version (1mb) : 03_anniversary.pdf

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