PT 28 – Top 20


(Phil): It’s that time of year where top 20 / 50 / 100 lp lists come flying out of everywhere. It’s a fun chance to look back over the year’s musical purchases to see what were the belters. It’s obviously hard to put lps in “an order” of what’s best – so I’ve kind of gone on “what’s the LPs that got the most plays” here’s the list :

1 slowraiders – nihil
2 regis – manbait
3 GNOD – Infinity Machines
4 repeated viewing – The Three Sisters
5 JK Flesh – nothing is free
6 pigs – wronger
7 British Murder Boys – British Murder Boys
8 clutch – psychic warefare
9 Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Sounding Lines
10 A new line – Our Lady Of Perpetual Fucking Succour
11 low – ones & sixes
12 Tut Vu Vu – Tut Vu Vu
13 phil colins – My Heart’s In My Hand…
14 goatsnake – black age blues
15 aphex twin – syrio
16 Best Available Technology ?– Excavated Tapes 1992?-?1999
17 Oscar Mulero – Muscle & Mind
18 coil – Backwards (Archival Bonus Tracks)
19 nile – What Should Not Be Unearthed
20 Charels Choen – Brother I Prove You Wrong

Big thanks to as ever (!) & Tich for all the recommendations.

Typefaces : OCR-A

PDF version (238kbs) : 28_top20.pdf

PT 27 – Oneder


(Phil): I had an idea for a computer game 4 years ago. After a long, difficult time trying to find the right people to help me make it, I think I might be getting somewhere… More soon. I’m excited again! It’s been a while!

Typefaces : Homestead

PDF version (238kbs) : 27_oneder.pdf

PT 26 – Small Stories Colour-in Advent


(Phil): Gabi (Small Stories), my wife, had a great idea to create a “colour in  advent calendar” for a bit of Christmas fun. It’s proven to be her most shared image on Facebook (with over 15,000 people being reached from 71 shares!) Brilliant! It’s not too late to download it –

Typefaces : Handwritten by Gabrielle Reith

PDF version (517kbs) : 26_advent.pdf

PT 23 – Paris


(Phil): I’m not someone that usually “uses” tragedy to create work. The paris attacks on Friday 13th were one of many this month from around the world already, it’s depressing. I know the vast majority of humans living today enjoy a fairly terror free existence & we need to put things in perspective (if we’re to beat the terrorist ideologies), but knowing people that live in the amazing city, Paris, it does bring it close to home. the simple & “perfect” Jean Jullien response speaks volumes… My poster is influenced by his amazing image. My thoughts go out to anyone in the world affected by ridiculous ideologies of hate. I wish this world had less hate filled people.

Typefaces : Ultra

PDF version (588kbs) : 23_paris.pdf

PT 22 – money


(Phil): It’s that time of year, when I know I should have done them by now, but, time is running out for me to do my annual accounts. Always a depressing task, sifting through those receipts & logging them into the spreadsheet to hand over to an accountant that makes sure I get it right, eh mr HMRC…

Typefaces : Doc 11 

PDF version (144kbs) : 22_money.pdf

PT 21 – Mist


(Phil): Monday 1st of November was one of those beautiful, magical days for “weather”. We had a magical bank of fog roll into our back garden, it’s always cool to see this ethereal body of steam slowly creeping around the nooks & crannies of the countryside. It eventually “took over” and we had a pea souper for a few days.

Typefaces : Hand Painted + “ABcult” (my typeface I made for Aberdeen)

PDF version (511kbs) : 21_fog.pdf


(Phil): YES! It’s the October holidays!…. this can only mean one thing…. SKYE HERE WE COME! We LOVE our yearly holiday in Skye. We’re so lucky to be able to spend time in this magical island on the west coast of Scotland. We stay in Ord, in the south of the island (Sleat), right next to the sea loch, Eishort… it’s perfect. If you’ve never been to Skye, you need to go, you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with the place.

Typefaces : Hand Painted + District Pro Thin

PDF version (1.5mb) : 17_skye.pdf